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  • Tulsa Educational Article of the Month - Opossum Repellent

Opossum Repellent

Opossum Repellent

Opossums are nocturnal Tulsa animals with a high rate of adaptability. Do not mistaken them by rodents they are not, these beasts have survived the dinosaur period. These animals are immune to poison even of a Viper and are able to survive almost any type of conditions. They do not build their place to stay by their own; they use all the abandoned ones of the other animals and also the one where you live in. With a very low life span these could create a lot nonsense for you and because of the fact that they venture in the night time sighting of these becomes rare. The only way to know their presence is to observe your surroundings. These Oklahoma creatures are not dangerous directly however they become reason for diseases and create a mess of your garden or if they are living inside your home then your kitchen. The best thing is to keep them out of the boundaries of your house.

Repellants used to keep them away
1. There are many ways to keep these beasts out; one of them is repellant just like we use mosquito repellants. These repellants could be made naturally at home or could be bought from the store. However repellants are not used to harm the Tulsa Opossums rather used to discourage them to return. The natural repellants are better in a way because these are harmless to the plants and the pets.

2. There are quite a few natural solutions could be prepared using Molasses or fresh ginger or Quassia chips (the bark of a south American tree), mix these items with water or maybe with soap water and spray it on the leaves or trees or may be on the boundaries. The hotter the solutions better repellant it would be. Use some hot pepper to create the solutions.

3. One another solution is the Fox urine and that is something difficult to get. Many repellants are available in the market like chemicals or the predator’s urine based or electrical devices or sprinklers set up with motion sensors.

None of these methods are very effective, these all are only able to keep Oklahoma Opossum away for a while, then they get used to these methods and start coming again. Putting on bright light also keeps them away but if they are too hungry then will not hesitate to come so any of these repellants cannot keep them away for a long time.

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