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  • Tulsa Educational Article of the Month - Rat Prevention Tips: How To Keep Rats Away

Rat Prevention Tips: How To Keep Rats Away

Rat Prevention Tips: How To Keep Rats Away

Rats are termed as menace and have been the cause of epidemics in human history. These creatures pose a threat to farmers, urban people and to animals also. They become more than nuisance to humans. They have travelled the world majorly hiding in ships of grains or food items. These Oklahoma animals also adapt very quickly to repellants available.

While talking about Tulsa rats, “prevention is better than cure” because it becomes nearly impossible to flee them away once they are inside. There are many steps to prevent them from invading your personal space and some are mentioned here.

1- Fences – Tulsa Rats are good climbers as well as good diggers. They feed on almost anything available. Fencing could be a good idea but the fence should be of ant-chewing material or else these critters could chew their way in. couple of feet under the ground and 4 to 5 feet above should do the trick.

2- Home repairs – This would be the best way to keep them away. Tulsa Rats could enter the premise from any possible inlet. Whether its sewer or drains, they could squeeze in from cracks in the hole to the gaps under the doors. Rats could enter from the roof, nearby tree or using the electrical wires. So home repairs become very essential, keeping all the drainage outlets covered by anti-chew nets, keeping the exterior walls in a good condition and sealing of the gaps in the doors.

3- Natural ways – The only way to keep these rodents out of the premises is to maintain proper sanitation. Waste should not be lying all over; the dust bins should be metallic and properly secured. Food should not be easily available to them and should be kept in closed containers also. Cleanliness is the important factor to keep Tulsa rats away. Gardens should be regularly checked for their burrows and should be clean of heaps. Bird feeders should be kept out of reached and kept closed when not in use.

It becomes too difficult to get rid of Oklahoma rats once they are successful in invading your Tulsa property. These critters breed very fast and just a 15 mm space to squeeze in. They are the carrier of many diseases both for humans and for pets. Rats become the major cause of fires as they chew down the electrical wires. They are bad for reputation of big business houses and also they eat up and destroy farmers’ hard work. These rodents could also invite predators who hunt them, like snakes etc. to your Oklahoma property.

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