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  • Tulsa Educational Article of the Month - Skunk Trapping: How To Trap A Skunk

Skunk Trapping: How To Trap A Skunk

Skunk Trapping: How To Trap A Skunk

Skunk, the white and black color Tulsa mammals look definitely attractive but the fluid they spray for their self defense is really dangerous with having an odd smell. People who have this creature as pet remove the scents gland beforehand. Skunk can be removed from house in natural ways but in case you have tried that and still some exist, the best option is to go for trapping. But tapping the skunk is also challenging due to the spray so, it is important to prepare you for that.

Traps are usually two types for catching the Tulsa skunk, the first type kills the mammals instantly once they are trapped and the second one is the live trap that will trap the skunk after which you need to release them far away from home. The first type is not recommended as killing any Oklahoma animal is a crime and you might have to pay penalty for that. So, go for the live trap. It includes a door loaded with spring that will be closed as the skunks step into the cage.

Process of trapping:

Position the trap
Placing the trap in right place is the first step. However where to keep the live trap will depend on the skunk. In case there is any burrow in your garden, place the trap near the exit point of that burrow or else put it near the fence of your Oklahoma garden or house.

Bait the trap
Skunk keeps on coming to the garden or house only to search foods. So, keep some foods in the trap to make it appealing. Breads, peanut butter, watermelon, foods of cats, etc. are the best bait for Tulsa skunk. Place small amount of this food near the entrance of the cage and rest of the foods inside the cage.

Handle the cage properly
This is the most important part. Wear gloves and as you notice that a Tulsa skunk is captured throw an old blanket over the live trap cage. This will calm down the skunk. In case the skunk is adult they can spray the odor up to 1 meter away. So, old blanket is the best option as it will catch the spray as well if sprayed.

Release it
Relocating the Oklahoma skunk is must. Make sure you leave the animal at least 10 miles away so that they can’t come back. Open the door of the live trap cage and leave the place soon.

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